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An Overview of Selling Diabetic Test Strips for Cash

Are you a self-monitoring diabetic who uses those nifty test strips? Do you have too many of them taking up space in your home? Do you want to make some extra cash?

Yes, it’s possible to make money from those extra diabetic test strips, as long as they are unused and unexpired. No less than 29 million people in America have diabetes today, and possibly half the total population has either pre-diabetes or undiagnosed diabetes. Not all of them have health insurance or have the money needed to manage their condition.

As a diabetic yourself, you know how frustrating dealing with this disease can be. You’re also aware of its high cost. What you may have missed is the fact that whatever OTC you’ve purchased from a pharmacy is absolutely legal for you to sell. Of course, if you obtained your strips through Medicaid or Medicare, you can’t sell them. You can’t sell anything the government bought.

Different Situations that Leave People with Leftover Strips

You’re probably wondering how this business of selling pre-owned diabetes test strips came about. Below are different scenarios where you or any diabetic may end up with an oversupply of these strips:

>> Diabetics may have unique experiences of the disease.Some people have to measure their sugar levels more frequently than others.

>> Diabetes goes away eventually. This doesn’t happen very often, but it can in some cases, as in gestational diabetes which naturally resolves itself after the child is born.

>> You have a new health insurance policy. A policy switch often comes with new supplies coming in.

>> You buy a new machine. Usually, when you use a new machine, you need a new kind of strips, rendering those old strips useless for you.

>> A family member who had diabetes, passes away. None of us live forever, and when a diabetic passes on, he may leave some unused diabetic test strips behind.

How Much for Diabetic Test Strips?

Different buyers will have different criteria when screening diabetic test strips, but usually, it boils down to three things: the brand, the number of strips in the box, and the number of boxes. Say you have an extra box of 50 unexpired and unused strips of a good brand. That can put an effortless $16 in your pocket. And with some companies, you can even get a referral fee of around $25 for every seller you bring in.

Where Do the Strips End Up?

A lot of things can happen to your strips after they are bought, but the general idea is that they will be used by diabetics who cannot afford them in the traditional market. In short, this business is not just a business, but also a cause.

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