4 Reasons for Garage Door Repair and Opener Replacement

From power and noise reduction to security and safety, it’s hard to reason against replacing a garage door opener. If, despite these advantages, a homeowner can’t justify the purchase, they can consider the reasons below.

Power to Lift a Heavier Door

Most older models are either one-third or one-half horsepower models. While the smallest motors may be enough to open a relatively lightweight door, they aren’t sufficiently powerful to work with newer, heavier doors. Older one-half horsepower models are better, but when a homeowner upgrades to a heavier door, they still won’t be enough.

Upgrading to a Quieter Opener

For the past few decades, chain- and screw-driven models were the only options available. While chain drives are usually noisier than screw-driven openers, there simply weren’t any other options. Today, if the garage is near or under the home’s living area, garage door repair and replacement professionals can install belt-driven mechanisms. These belts are very strong and very quiet, and they’re even more so when the opener is DC-powered.

Getting More Safety Features

Beginning in the early 90s, the CPSC began asking garage door opener companies to add safety devices to every mode. Examples include sensors that reverse the door if an infrared beam is cut by a person or an object as the door closes. If a door was made before 1993, it likely lacks these safety measures, and this is enough of a reason for many people to replace their old doors.

Greater Security

In the past, garage door remote security codes were set with DIP switches. Such security was accurate until criminals started getting into garages by working through all potential settings on a separate remote. With only a few possibilities, it’s not that tough to find a way into a garage. Today’s doors use rolling code tech to change the code after each use, and it makes it much harder for code grabbers to do their work.

At under $200 for a great new garage door opener, it might be time for a call to a garage door repair and replacement specialist. With all the security and safety benefits, this can be a big investment for a homeowner. Call today for more details or to schedule service.