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How to Help a Loved One Recover from Alcoholism

In America, about 15.1 million are alcoholics, and supporting them is often a struggle for their families. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on a loved one who might be fighting a drinking problem today. You can take a few steps that can make it easier for the both of you.

Understanding the Problem

Like any disease, alcoholism comes with symptoms that you have to be aware of. These can include cravings, mood swings, and aggression. Fifty-percent of solving a drinking problem is knowledge. This is why centers like Chateau Recovery, where treatment is provided by qualified professionals, is always helpful, if not crucial to an alcoholic’s recovery.

Providing Support

Combating substance abuse is usually a long and draining process. But if you provide consistent support, your loved one will find it so much easier. Don’t think support is equal to ignoring the problem though. If you’re always covering for them or cleaning up their mess, then you have to reassess the situation and stop making it worse. Treatment centers like Chateau Recovery give them control over their own recovery, and others can only help.

Supporting the Support

As someone who provides support for a recovering alcoholic, you may find the entire experience stressful, especially when your have problems of your own. You definitely need support yourself, so feel free to contact family and friends when you’re feeling helpless or want to talk to somebody. Having your own support group will give you strength to keep helping your loved one. With a professional treatment center like Chateau Recovery, this road to recovery will of course become easier for all.

Eliminating Temptation

Recovering alcoholics are always worried about situations that test their resolve to quit drinking. Help them conquer this fear by ensuring that your home stays alcohol-free. If the substance is absent, it won’t be as tempting. One advantage of treatment centers like Chateau Recovery is that they are guaranteed to be 100% alcohol-free.

Starting a New Hobby Together

One way of supporting a loved one trying to recover from alcoholism, is starting up a new hobby or activity together. Whether this is a new project or a new sport, it should be something that you are both interested in. Professional treatment centers such as Chateau Recovery actually make this part of their programs.

Spotting Signs of a Relapse

Be sensitive to the signs of relapse that you may observe in your recovering loved one. Should it actually occur, talk to him or her about it, making sure you don’t come across as threatening or demoralizing. Encourage seeking professional help from a therapist or places like Chateau Recovery.

Keeping Positive

Lastly, no matter how difficult the situation may seem, try to maintain a positive outlook about your loved one’s recovery and life in general. Remember, they will know if you’re losing hope, and if they think you are, they may give up on themselves altogether.