Closed Borders 

A nation without a border is not a nation at all. For more than 50 years, Democrats and Establishment Republicans have sold Americans out, importing foreigners by the millions. The results have been a disaster. The working middle class is dying. Wages are stagnant. Young Americans can’t get ahead. Drugs are pouring into our country like never before. Illegal aliens haven’t assimilated, and Americans are learning that they have less and less in common with their neighbors. In Congress, I will fight to put America First, finish President Donald J. Trump’s border wall, protect American jobs and culture, including English as our official language, and stop deadly narcotics from poisoning our cities and towns. We must deport criminal illegal aliens, and halt all immigration to the United States until Congress can build an immigration system that works for the American people, not against them.

Second Amendment 

The Biden Administration has been a disaster for your Second Amendment rights. The Democrats in Congress and the White House want to end the private sale of firearms, implement a mandatory gun purchase waiting period, ban “assault weapons,” and federalize unconstitutional Red Flag Laws that are disproportionately used against our great veterans. The Republicans in Washington have failed to stop the left from trampling on our gun rights. Some of them have even stated their support for more gun legislation. I will not compromise with tyrants – left or right – on your Second Amendment. The right to keep and bear arms is granted to every American by God, not the government. It is not the government’s right to give away. Along with halting the radical left’s gun grabs and opposing Red Flag Laws, I will champion federal concealed carry legislation to end the government’s forced permitting of law-abiding gun owners.

Right to Life 

Abortion is one of the greatest scourges in American history, and in the future, will be looked upon with the same horror as the disastrous human genocides we read about in the history books today. But Democrats don’t just want abortion-on-demand. They want infanticide, or what they call “post-birth abortions.” It is a sick death cult that must be treated as such. Yet, every year, weak establishment Republicans in Congress vote for continuing resolutions that send your tax dollars to abortionists at places like Planned Parenthood. That is a violation of the conscience of pro-life Christians across America, and when I’m in Washington, I won’t stand for it. Together, we can end the federal funding of abortion, ban the horrific practice forever, and return to respecting the dignity the sanctity of all human life.

Election Integrity 

We have to get to the bottom of November of 2020. The 2020 elections were an international embarrassment and a stain on American democracy. Democrats shamelessly used a worldwide pandemic to change the way we have voted for centuries, and unsurprisingly it benefited their candidates. If Americans lose faith in the integrity of our elections, the American experiment will be finished forever. Federal voter identification laws and stringent absentee voting rules are the only solution to this problem, and will ensure that one American gets one vote. I will fight in Congress to secure our elections, so that we never have an election like 2020 ever again.

Left-Wing Radicalism 

Every day, we see far-left Communists rioting in the streets in various cities across the country. They have burned down entire city blocks, police stations, and businesses, and caused billions in property damage. Dozens of Americans died during the extensive rioting during the summer of 2020. The groups perpetrating this violence have names. They are Antifa and Black Lives Matter. These militant groups are avowed Marxist revolutionaries who will stop at nothing to overthrow our Republican. Yet the DOJ and FBI have turned a blind eye to these violent thugs. Instead, they are busy labeling peaceful right-wingers and supporters of President Donald J. Trump “domestic terrorists.” The politicization of the DOJ and FBI is a travesty, and not one single Republican in Congress is strong enough to exercise their constitutional duty of checks-and-balances. Antifa and Black Lives Matter must be identified as the violent Marxist terrorists groups they are, and their revolutionary movements must be squashed before they burn this entire nation to the ground. I will check the power of the DOJ and FBI, and I’m not afraid to call Antifa and Black Lives Matter what they are: domestic terrorists.

Critical Race Theory 

The left-wing public education system is radicalizing our children every day in the classroom. Through “critical race theory,” they are teaching students that America is a fundamentally evil nation, and that white Americans must apologize for the “original sin” of slavery. This far-left brainwashing is more pervasive than we know, and it will only end with generations of Americans hating their own country. Worse, “intersectionality” has been incorporated into our children’s curriculum. This teaches children about LGBT issues from a young age, often against the will of parents. It also teaches that LGBT people are part of the same “oppressed” class as black Americans, and other minorities. This nonsense has no place in our classrooms. America is, and always has been, the land of opportunity for all Americans. Teaching divisiveness helps nobody except the radical left that wants to end America as we know it, and rewrite history. I will work with my Congressional colleagues to ban Critical Race Theory and intersectionality from the classroom, so our children can get back to learning without being propagandized by left-wing teachers, administrators, and unions.